Bunded Tanks

EcoSafe forms part of the Titan Tanks collection by Titan Environmental and is the most advanced range of bunded oil tanks available in the UK and Ireland. Manufactured in various sizes and styles (horizontal and vertical) to suit all spaces, these heating oil tanks, also known as domestic oil tanks, are designed to store kerosene central heating oil.

EcoSafe bunded oil tanks meet and exceed all current oil storage regulations in the UK and Ireland. They are OFCERT certified and manufactured to ISO Standards. They also come complete with Watchman Oil Monitoring and Oil Tank Security features including the Watchman Alarm and oil level sensor to provide you with peace of mind that your oil tank is secure and that you will be alerted before you run out of oil.

EcoSafe Bunded Oil Tanks have been a popular choice of oil tank for domestic and commercial central heating requirements for over 25 years due to their strength, reliability and quality.

€1,299.00   €1,217.00

EcoSafe 1300 Litre Heating Oil Storage Tank

€1,399.00   €1,380.00

EcoSafe 2500 Litre Heating Oil Storage Tank